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WBi offers an end-to-end service to help American and European clients set-up and launch in the UK market.

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Setting up a UK bank account

Financial services is a key sector of the UK economy and the City Of London ranks with New York and Tokyo as one of the three leading financial centres in the world. The city provides access to representative banks from every continent, and most overseas banks have a presence in London. Due to the increasing regulatory environment the process of opening a new corporate bank account has become significantly more complicated in recent years. WBi has excellent relations with a number of international banks including HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds Banking Group, Santander, and Standard Chartered.

Our team can help significantly reduce the time involved in opening a new UK bank account and provide access to Chartered Accountants who will provide ongoing accounting, payroll, and credit management services.



WBi works with a range of technology firms across the Software, Online Advertising, and Communications Technology sectors. We also work with Interactive Agencies and marketing services firms.

Client   Sector   Company HQ Location
Arcaneo   Enterprise software   Toronto, Canada
Explania   Online Advertising   Brussels, Belgium
Instruxion   Animated video   Brussels, Belgium
THA Group   B2B marketing   Paris, France / Munich, Germany
Fifth Dimension   Interactive agency   London, UK
Fifth Dimension   CMS Vendor   London, UK
Together   Interactive agency   Nottingham, UK
Rostrum   B2B PR firm   London, UK